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America - Chapter 10


Wow, so, life has been crazy. I just moved, I still haven't found a job, I am working on knitting up hats for my little sisters friend who just was diagnosed with cancer (so sad! But I made her a really cute cupcake hat! I hope it fits...), my sisters birthday is next month, so I making her stuff for that.

I've been busy.

BUT! I've finished Chapter 10 finally! Hopefully 11 won't take me as long, and I can assure you, 12,13,14, and 15 are essentially already written in my head.

so here it is.

about</i> England. Do you guys have Football Clubs you support... that is what you call them, right? I think I’m using the term right. ”

“Newcastle United for me.” Will answered.

“Manchester United.” Kathy replied.

“Man U? Please tell me you have a good reason. I mean, I’ve got nothing against them, but don’t tell me you just picked them because it’s the only team you know.”

“No. I picked them because Manchester is my ancestral home.”
“Really? You’re English?”

“Well... I don’t know if you can say I’m English anymore. My family came to America from England when it still was England.”

“Oh! You’re colonists!”

“My ancestors were, yes.”

“That’s pretty cool. One of the originals. Was your family involved in anything special, like the Boston Tea Party or something?”

“Not that I’m aware of. They did all fight in the war though, so I guess we weren’t loyalists. I wish I knew more, but I’ve never seen the information, my grandfathers sister has it all somewhere, that’s how I heard. But back to soccer, Ben? You’re next.”


Will and Kathy both gasped. “No way. Not Chelsea!”

Ben laughed whole heartedly.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I just knew it’d piss you two off.”

“Man, we’d probably kick you out of the car!” Will joked.

“My ex was a Chelsea fan.”

“Did you break up with him when you found out?” Ben joked.

“No, he broke up with me when Manchester kept kicking Chelsea’s ass and he couldn’t deal with the embarrassment.” she joked back. “Actually I’m lying. He really was a Chelsea fan though. I think it made the games more fun... that is whenever they’d freaking show the games over here. That was a while ago.”

“How long has it been since your last boyfriend?” Ben asked politely.

“About a year.”

“Really?” Ben seemed somewhat astonished.

“What about you?” Kathy asked back. Ben didn’t answer. He realized his surprise must have seemed hypocritical, since he hadn’t had time for much of a love life in recent years. Yet that hadn’t been the reason for his surprise, more just a carry over from before. “I’ve never really cared much for relationships. I mean, I like them, and I’m the sort of person who always wants to be in one, but I just have no patience or tolerance for games.” Kathy added. The car was quiet after that.

“I’m hungry. Let’s stop for lunch.” Will added. They stopped at an IHOP in Joplin, MO for lunch.

“Okay, so favorite BBC show.” Kathy asked.

“I haven’t really watched TV in a long time.” Ben commented. Will nodded and agreed. “Do you have some?”

“Well, I guess my favorite is Dr. Who, but I like the Season One Doctor more. He’s been on Heroes, but still, I liked him better as the Doctor. I also used to watch Coupling a lot, until they got rid of Jeff, and then the show sucked. I also really liked Footballers Wives

“Ugh! Footballers Wives! That show is so trashy!”

“But it was EXCELLENT!!!! And this was before Desperate Housewives. Mama likes her some primetime soaps.” Kathy defended.

“So you watch a lot of BBC America I see.” Will commented.

“They’re one of the only stations that plays good shows at midnight. I don’t really watch a lot of TV, but on the weekends, I like to just sit down, curl up with my knitting and a blanket, some air popped popcorn, and Supernatural Saturdays on BBC Am.”

“Wait, you knit?” Will asked.

“Oh yeah, I do. Actually, I have my latest project with me, but it’s still in the car. I had actually forgotten all about it till just now.”

“Do you think you could teach me?” Will continued.

“Sure, but I think I’m supposed to drive the next leg. Tomorrow?”


They stopped off at the local WalMart to pick up some needles and yarn. Kathy actually had to buy herself some needles as well, since she had only brought her crochet project with her, and didn’t actually have any knitting with her at all. When she explained this to Will, he promptly replied that he wanted to learn both, and as a treat or perhaps preemptive payment for her services, Will paid for all of it.

Back in the car, Kathy showed Will what she was making. She pulled out a small green ball with four digits coming off and a tube started at the bottom. “It’s an amigurumi Cthulhu.” She declared.

“A what?” Will asked, scrunching his nose at the odd looking creation.

“Amigurumi is a Japanese term meaning ‘knitted stuffed toy’, and Cthulhu is a creature from science fiction author H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Cthulhu mythos’. It’s a bit of a geek thing. My roommates girlfriend wanted one for her birthday.”

“You’re living with a guy?” Ben suddenly asked.

“No.” Kathy replied matter of fact-ly.

“So what’s it going to look like when it’s done?” Will interrupted.

“Eyes on the head, the tentacles are his mouth, body, wings, arms and legs. Pretty cute huh?”

“Is he supposed to be cute?”

“The toy is, the real monster, no, but that just makes it all the more amusing.”

“You’re going to teach me how to make something else right? Like clothes.”

Kathy laughed. “Of course silly, now get in the car, it’s time to go.”

They drove on to Oklahoma City, where they stopped for dinner, then continued on all the way to Texas before stopping for the night. They only stopped in Clinton, OK for the tourist thing, to break their rule of no museums in order to see the Route 66 museum, agreeing that this was the one type that could break the rule. It was interesting in the fact that it explained the history of Route 66, even back to its birth, when it was used during the Dust Bowl, and when it was used during the Bunion Derby, a footrace from LA to NYC. Mostly, however, the museum was a curio shop filled with a number of useless tshotshkes for tourists to buy.

In Shamrock, TX they spotted the “U-DROP-INN” historical restaurant and service station. It stood out, because it looked like one of the buildings in the movie “Cars”, something they mentioned to the people working there, which they were very proud and amused by. They mentioned that they were happy the movie reference garnered them a little extra business and interest.

They mulled around Shamrock for about an hour, before deciding they needed to get to Amarillo to rest for the night, and called it a day soon after checking in, even though it was still relatively early, but they had covered three states in one day, with little sleep the previous night, and they figured that was an achievement.

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